Actually “Unpivot” a Pivot Table

When I first started working with Pivot Tables, especially those generated from an external data connection, I remember doing constant google searches that looked something like this: unpivot pivot table excel 2010 remove pivot table excel 2010 Remove pivot table data connection keep pivot data Depivotize a pivot table Why are pivot tables complete jerks … Continue reading

Filter Pivot Table by Cell Format

This can actually be done, if you have the right data in your table. The trick is to create a pivot table in a tabular view with no more than one value column, if at all possible. If you can do that, you should be golden to embark on the magnificent task of being able … Continue reading

Time Reporting Queries (it’s about time)

One of the things I feel a bit like a pioneer about (seriously, it’s pretty similar to churning your own butter) is time reporting. Specifically when it comes to task level status for time reporting from the reporting database. In this post I will include two helpful queries for time reporting – one for timesheet … Continue reading