Rebuilding the Enterprise Global – Peacefully & Without Protest!

Well, Microsoft must have grown some “listening ears”, because they have actually fixed something.  Sarcastic blogger is being sarcastic… but really, I’m very happy with the new script for rebuilding your global.  It used to be like this…

You will still want to work with MS directly if you find yourself in this predicament, but now they have added a step which tells the global rebuild script NOT to delete your calendars.

Because we are still “Franken-vironment” and have custom fields we created in 2003, we had to rebuild our global a couple of weeks ago and it was no big deal- it doesn’t have to rebuild the reporting database, either.

We were provided scripts for doing this in 2013, but I’m pretty sure they would give the same info for 2010 now.

The gist is that you go into the “MSP_WINPROJ_DELETE_EGLOBAL_PROJECT” stored procedure and tell it not to delete the calendars before you run it.  Then they provide a script for rebuilding, which is essentially the same as the existing script for 2010, but it comments out the –INSERT INTO dbo.MSP_CALENDARS portion.

Again, I would work with them directly if you need to run this, or at the very least run it in your test environment, but it’s no longer something that makes me want to stomp my feet and holler “I don’t wannnnaaaa!”, like a toddler who doesn’t want to take a bath.

In fact, my global is nice and clean now, and I appreciate that.


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