Posted in December 2012

About My Query Style

After our DBA laughed at me once again for the way I write queries, I feel the need to make a general statement about this.  It’s not a defense, because I don’t feel like that’s necessary, but I wanted to clarify why I write them the way that I do, because die-hard SQL folks find … Continue reading

Only Over-Allocated Resources in One Report!

Like a mad scientist inventor locked in a basement witout eating or drinking, I have sat myself down during the relative calm of the holidays and once and for all solved the over allocation report for Project Server issue. My previous post about this only shows allocations within a single project that are over the … Continue reading

Capacity in a Perfect World!

One of our portfolio manager types here asked for something that initially didn’t sound plausible to me, but after thinking about it for a while I  not only figured out a way to do it, it also began to dawn on me how it would be useful. The capacity information that comes out of Project … Continue reading