Holy Split, Batman!

What, exactly, in MS Project terms, is a split? From a practical perspective, it’s when the work on a task has one or more breaks in the middle. From a technical perspective, a potentially problematic split h happens when there is already some amount of actual progress reported on the task and the remaining work … Continue reading

Assignment Delays – Pitfalls and Tricks

Where does it come from, Assignment Delay? Contouring Schedule owner zeroing out the work in the start of the task in the grid of a Task or Resource Usage view. Task Updates/Timesheets Resources putting work in a time frame after the start (creating an “actual start” date) or changing the start date. What does it … Continue reading

Summary Task Update View (& Rant)

! RANT! Let me start by saying that I know that there is more than one theory out there about how to treat summary tasks in project, but I am a summary task purist. The summary task is there to be a *summary* of the tasks beneath it. It does not control those tasks, those … Continue reading