The Most Dangerous Constraint Type

As a follow-on to my Previous Constraint Entry, I’ve “mapped” out the Project Pro Constraints so you can see where do they come from and where do they go (cotton eyed joe!?). I’ve created two matrices with different levels of detail, but I’ll explain each one first, then post the matrices at the end of … Continue reading

Holy Split, Batman!

What, exactly, in MS Project terms, is a split? From a practical perspective, it’s when the work on a task has one or more breaks in the middle. From a technical perspective, a potentially problematic split h happens when there is already some amount of actual progress reported on the task and the remaining work … Continue reading

Assignment Delays – Pitfalls and Tricks

Where does it come from, Assignment Delay? Contouring Schedule owner zeroing out the work in the start of the task in the grid of a Task or Resource Usage view. Task Updates/Timesheets Resources putting work in a time frame after the start (creating an “actual start” date) or changing the start date. What does it … Continue reading