Posted in September 2012

3 Simple Compliance Reports (Part 3)

Finding All the Naughty Little Projects Without Baselines! Ok, so there’s no little boxy checky thingy that says loud and clear, “This Project has been baselined, yo!”.  This can be a bit of a problem, since it’s important for Projects to get baselined, given Project’s unstoppable desire to eat data.  (Time marches on, Work gets replaced … Continue reading

3 Simple Compliance Reports (Part 2)

Say No to Summary Resource Assignments! Once again I’d like to put some info out there which will help you ensure that the users in your Project Server environment aren’t breaking stuff without meaning to!   We all know that bad things happen (work doubles, projects crumble, volcanoes erupt…) when a resource is assigned to a … Continue reading

Tips for PivotTables in Excel

I keep advising people to use SQL Queries instead of OLAP Cubes, and I feel like I need to support that advice with a bit of a “primer” to help you on your way.  I’ve tried a lot of combinations and a lot of methods, and what I’m up to is working well for me, … Continue reading

3 Simple Compliance Reports (Part 1)

If you’re like me, you’re forced to delve into the mundane day-to-day issues of a PMO. No, I actually love this, I’m just trying not to admit it. There are those around here who call me the “time cop” because I’m responsible for running reports that show if people are entering time, etc. It kind … Continue reading

Fake “Time Phase Task Data” – for reals

Project Server saves certain data in a “time phased” fashion, which is a pretty neat trick. In fact, it can be kind of addicting. Everything should be time phased! But, sadly, everything is NOT time phased. Assignment Work and Actual Work are, as are Baseline work and Capacity. But, sadly, task work is not. I’m … Continue reading

Remove Those Blanking (blank)s!

It took me a long while to fix this one (and a long time to search, because it’s a funny one to try to use boolean logic for) and I thought I would share because I’ve seen a score of folks out there looking for this. If you have a pivot table with blank values … Continue reading