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Assignment Delays – Pitfalls and Tricks

Where does it come from, Assignment Delay? Contouring Schedule owner zeroing out the work in the start of the task in the grid of a Task or Resource Usage view. Task Updates/Timesheets Resources putting work in a time frame after the start (creating an “actual start” date) or changing the start date. What does it … Continue reading

Summary Task Update View (& Rant)

! RANT! Let me start by saying that I know that there is more than one theory out there about how to treat summary tasks in project, but I am a summary task purist. The summary task is there to be a *summary* of the tasks beneath it. It does not control those tasks, those … Continue reading

Easy-Peasy Cross-Project Links Report

Ok, dear readers, it really has been a LONG time. I have a huge queue of posts to write but I got behind and, well, there you have it. But I’m back now! I’m going to start with this easy little gem – a query to show what projects are using other project tasks as … Continue reading

Resource Upkeep in Project Server 101

When you have a sizable resource pool and an inconsistent on boarding process (Oooh, me, me!) and no control over it, resources can get added through your AD sync and not get updated until someone is already mad about missing data.  And don’t even talk to me about contractors with past end dates!  We’re hardly going to … Continue reading

Find Over-Allocations in One Project Alone

See, Project Server, by design, does not have a mechanism by which to “cap” allocations for resources.  It seems like it might be nice for it to just come back with, “Nope, you can’t over-allocate that dude!” messages when you put say, 800 hours into a week for someone, but MS had other plans when … Continue reading