Posted in March 2016

Assignment Delays – Pitfalls and Tricks

Where does it come from, Assignment Delay? Contouring Schedule owner zeroing out the work in the start of the task in the grid of a Task or Resource Usage view. Task Updates/Timesheets Resources putting work in a time frame after the start (creating an “actual start” date) or changing the start date. What does it … Continue reading

Summary Task Update View (& Rant)

! RANT! Let me start by saying that I know that there is more than one theory out there about how to treat summary tasks in project, but I am a summary task purist. The summary task is there to be a *summary* of the tasks beneath it. It does not control those tasks, those … Continue reading

Secret Timesheet URL Viewer

This one is short and sweet. I noticed that when I view my timesheet in Project, it has an associated Unique ID. This made me wonder if an admin could view any timesheet for any user, as long as they had the UID number. The short answer is YES! The second question was, is it … Continue reading