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Holy Split, Batman!

What, exactly, in MS Project terms, is a split? From a practical perspective, it’s when the work on a task has one or more breaks in the middle. From a technical perspective, a potentially problematic split h happens when there is already some amount of actual progress reported on the task and the remaining work … Continue reading

Easy-Peasy Cross-Project Links Report

Ok, dear readers, it really has been a LONG time. I have a huge queue of posts to write but I got behind and, well, there you have it. But I’m back now! I’m going to start with this easy little gem – a query to show what projects are using other project tasks as … Continue reading

Time Reporting Queries (it’s about time)

One of the things I feel a bit like a pioneer about (seriously, it’s pretty similar to churning your own butter) is time reporting. Specifically when it comes to task level status for time reporting from the reporting database. In this post I will include two helpful queries for time reporting – one for timesheet … Continue reading