Summary Task Update View (& Rant)

! RANT! Let me start by saying that I know that there is more than one theory out there about how to treat summary tasks in project, but I am a summary task purist.

The summary task is there to be a *summary* of the tasks beneath it. It does not control those tasks, those tasks are reflected by it. So doing anything directly *to* it is bad juju. My school of thought says it should not be assigned to resources, predecessored, used as a predecessor, or manually scheduled.

We have a pretty successful PMO with a pretty successful Project Server implementation, and these are the rules we live by.


To that end, while it’s nice to have reports set up to catch these things after they happen, it’s even nicer to keep them from happening in the first place, and fairly easy, too. All you need to do is create a view that easily shows all the things that should not be done to summary tasks and filters by summary task, and add that to your enterprise global. Request the PMs check this on a regular basis to make sure that they are respecting the authority of the summary task!

The view goes like this:

Task Mode
Task Name
Resource Names

…and then filter by summary = yes.

Now all the PMs have to do is sweep through the list and ensure the following:

Task Mode: No little thumby-tacks
Predecessors: No values
Successors: No Values
Resource Names: No values

Bume. Here’s a screenshot of every scenario you should not see:


Now go forth and educate your PMs!


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