Two Project Server 2013 Custom Project Site Template Gotchas

Quick Launch Headings with no URLs in Project Site Templates

Do you know what my mommy always used to tell me about Quick Launch headings with no URLs in Project Server Site Templates?  Don’t do it!

For some reason, if you create a site template from an existing site and don’t put any URLs on those headers (like if you just want it to be a category in the Quick Launch, without linking it to anything…like ya do…) it will fill in the URL with the location of the site you created the template from when you save it as a template.  Then when you create a new site from the template and click on those headers (which you couldn’t even click before!) it takes you to the site you used to create the template and you are suddenly lost at sea.

So yeah, don’t do that.  And stuff.

Creating a new Project Site Template from the Default Project Site Template

You probably already know you have to rebuild your Site Templates from the Default Site Template base in Project 2013. (can’t use an existing site migrated from 2010 to create the Site Template, basically)  We did this, made our changes (adding content types and folders and all sorts of craziness) and then saved the new Site Template, activated it and so forth, then created a site from the Project Client, and all was well.  But we discovered that if we tried to create the Project Site using SharePoint instead (either from Create Subsite in Site Contents, or from the Connected SharePoint Sites Page in PWA) we got an error something like this:

“This list is currently being managed by Project Web App, and cannot be edited directly.”

So yeah, you can use the Site Template in the Project Client, but SharePoint and PWA hates it.  It is not the precious.

‘The Google’ tells me that error usually goes along with making updates to tasks in the My Sites page, so I poked around the new sites we’d created with the template and realized that there were two tasks lists on each of them – the original, called “Tasks” and another one, called “Tasks1”.  I created a new Site Template with no “Tasks” list, and presto! we were able to create a new Project Site using that template from PWA or SharePoint without any issues.

Do you know what this means?  That’s right, Project is smarter than SharePoint.  I finally have proof!

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