Give the Project Server 2013 Project Timeline and Project Center the Divorce They Deserve!

Who has two thumbs and was super excited about the Project Timeline Available in Project Center in Project Server 2013?  This gal, that’s who!

But once we started adding things to it, it became this huge cumbersome thing you just wanted to scroll past to get down to the Project Center list of projects.  How completely uncouth.  So, I devised a way to make it stop showing up on the Project Center page, yet still show up elsewhere.

Mind you, this sucker would be even cooler if you could get it to have more than one timeline “view” so you could have more than one set of project showing in different places, but this is a start at least.

So here is how to effectively move the project center timeline to a different location:

Step 1:

Put a “Project Center” WebPart on the page where you want the timeline to be viewed.  You could put it on the front page of PWA, or on a SubSite, or just create a page for it.

Step 2:

Add the timeline for the Project Center you just created.  It’s under “Content Rollup”.  Once you add it, you need to make sure the settings are like this:


Step 3:

Add some projects and/or tasks to your timeline.

Step 4:

Hide the Project Center Webpart on this page.

Step 5:

Go to your “real” Project Center and hide the timeline WebPart.  You could probably delete it, too (in fact, I had to delete and re-add mine to get it to work, but that’s a whole different story) but it’s probably safer to just hide it.

Step 6:

When you need up add projects to the timeline, you can edit either page and the hidden WebPart will show up and allow you to make edits.

Step 7:

Go watch Guardians of the Galaxy, because it’s awesome!


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