The World’s Tiniest Bug in Project Server 2013

I’m sure it’s ridiculous to be excited about finding the world’s tiniest bug in Project Server 2013, but given that I don’t even have the environment running, it seems reasonable for a nerd like me.

This comes in the form of a piece of information and the world’s tiniest bug – In Project Server 2013, they have these simplified schedules called “SharePoint Task Lists”. You can find some info about them here.

Because we are using Single Entry Mode (SEM) in our environment, I thought this might be an easy way to allow some of our users to give task updates as % complete for just a few items. The problem is that they don’t operate like normal schedules – and as such can’t have deliverables or be used as dependancies for other projects. My idea as a workaround on this was to add one as a subproject to another project.

This doesn’t work, however. That’s the “info” part of the scenario. Where the bug comes in is that Project almost seems ready to allow it – when you click on the ‘Subproject’ dialogue, you can see this type of project as a valid selection. But if you do select it, the error message you get back is incorrect – it gives you the same error that you would get if you hadn’t enabled Master/Sub projects on the server, even if it’s enabled. It gives you the same error if you try to use Project Center to select multiple projects and open them in the client.

So there you have it, the itty bitty bug that will probably bother no one in the universe except for me.


One thought on “The World’s Tiniest Bug in Project Server 2013

  1. Thanks for finding this one Elli – I’ll check in our bug databases and if I don’t find it then I will add it. No guarantees we will be fixing it – but I will also let our UA folks know so that we can at least document the expected behavior.
    Best regards,

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