Endless Sync Loop of DOOM Fixed in New Project Server CU! ( 2817378, 2817368 )

Ok, I mean to toot my own horn here.  No, that’s not a typo.  I’ve worked with MS on this issue for over a year and finally we have our fix. 

In my previous post on the Endless Sync of DOOM, I outlined an issue which is now fixed in the new MS hotfix and CU. 

The CU is here: Project Server 2010 cumulative update package June 11, 2013

All I got is this lousy hotfix package number, but I’ve never known MS to actually name updates after people, so I guess I’m satisfied.  What kind of name would the “Project ServerPants Hotfix” be, anyway?

I can verify that it works, because I tested it for them before it came out.

I’m like, doing things to better the world and stuff, right!?


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