Resource Upkeep in Project Server 101

When you have a sizable resource pool and an inconsistent on boarding process (Oooh, me, me!) and no control over it, resources can get added through your AD sync and not get updated until someone is already mad about missing data.  And don’t even talk to me about contractors with past end dates!  We’re hardly going to go check every resource against some list to make sure that their end date hasn’t been changed…

So there are a few things you can do to keep on top of this, as outlined below.

1. Reports

I loves reports.  They are my precious!  Here are a couple of relevant ones:

Empty Resource Fields
To avoid trying to filter by one column at a time to find blanks, try this on for size:

Add to your WHERE statement-

(MSP_EpmResource_UserView.RBS IS NULL OR
MSP_EpmResource_UserView.ResourceStandardRate =0) AND
MSP_EpmResource_UserView.ResourceIsActive =1

then you can see only the ones with missing data, hooray! (clearly you can customize this as needed)

Upcoming end dates

You can use the same kind of where statement to find resources who have upcoming end dates or past end dates.  This will help you identify which resources might need an update. You could also combine this with the report above, just make sure to use an OR in your statement.

Add to your WHERE statement-


MSP_EpmResource_UserView.ResourceLatestAvailableTo >current_timestamp+10

Customize that current_timestamp+10 as you need.

2. Tips!

Uncheck the box!

The first tip is of course that if you use automatic site synchronization, you’ll want to uncheck this little magic box when you go in to make changes to your resources:


You’ll find it under Server Settings=> Operational Policies=> Project Site Provisioning Settings

Anything which might affect their permissions or calculations in Project will trigger a sync, and syncing while users are in the system can cause deadlock.  Some of these items include:

Available Dates

Just remember to recheck that box when you are done! This is one of those cases where the low-tech solution works best for me.  I stick this little flaggey flag up on the top right hand corner of my display when I uncheck the box, and remove it when I recheck it.


Go head and make yours as flowery and embarrassing as impossible! It will help you remember to take it off.  Ah shame, the ultimate motivator.

Make resource updates in project!

When you want to update a handful (or more) or resources and you can’t use a bulk-edit, rather than going through each resource one at a time through the web interface, open them in Project.  This has the advantage of allowing you to only uncheck the box right before you save your changes and reduces the risk that someone might try to create a site while the box is unchecked.  (permissions irritation, you have to then sync the stupid thing)

Anyway, we run these reports and update our resources every Friday.  It keeps the monkeys off my back.

And here’s the entire query for the reports I outlined. (combined, custom fields removed)





(MSP_EpmResource_UserView.ResourceLatestAvailableTo >current_timestamp+10 OR
MSP_EpmResource_UserView.RBS IS NULL OR
MSP_EpmResource_UserView.ResourceStandardRate =0) AND
MSP_EpmResource_UserView.ResourceIsActive =1

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