Rebuilding the Enterprise Global Template (under protest!)

Do you know what my mommy used to tell me about rebuilding the enterprise global template? Don’t do it!

Unless you have to…
So, because of a bug (as chronicled in this helpful blog post), we had to rebuild our enterprise global template.

I followed his instructions in our test server (even though that environment wasn’t experiencing the issue) just in case, and I’m so glad I did! Everwhere you can find MS instructions for doing this, they mention that you’ll need to do an administrative backup/restore of your calendars if you have any custom ones. There are three things that they don’t mention:

1. This includes customization of the “Standard” calendar (like adding holidays)
2. The restore is coupled with the Resource Pool archive, so it takes TWO HOURS to complete (or did for our 300 resource having pool)
3. If you don’t restore the customized standard calendar, bad bad things happen.

Like what, you ask? Like any incomplete automatically scheduled tasks will totally recalculate if you open a schedule, that’s what. Can you see how this might totally jack everything?

So my advice to you is to run that backup/restore if you have any holidays in your calendar, but be ready to do it during off hours or have an outage, because you really don’t want anyone wandering around and opening schedules while this sucker is still updating.

One thought on “Rebuilding the Enterprise Global Template (under protest!)

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